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Circle Inversion Fractal
Circle Inversion Fractal @
Circle Inversion by Fricke and Klein in 1897
Fractals as limit sets generated by inversion with more than four circles.
Sphairahedron What's sphairahedron?
Extension of polyhedron with spherical faces. Fundamental domain of sphere invesion fractal.

Researchers' web site

Kazushi Ahara Quasi-Sphere
Quasi-Sphere construction as a limit set of sphere inversion fractal.
Kentaro Ito 3-dimensional Maskit slice Project
Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Geometry
Comprehesive fractal guide by Mandelbrot.
Caroline Series Caroline Series
Co-auther of Indra's Pearls.
David Wright Indra's Pearls Web Site
Web version of comprehesive kleinian groups book.

Other 3D fractals

Quaternion fractals
Hypercomplex Iterations @
3D Fractals - Bicomplex dynamics - @
Quaternion Julia set is a quaternion version of Julia set in complex dynamics. Rendered pictures are 3D slices of 4D quaternion space. These shapes look at most extrusions or revolution of 2D Julia set.
Menger's Sponge Menger's sponge
Menger's sponge is the 3D version of Cantor set (1D), and Sierpinski's carpet(2D).

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