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2008 Y. Araki, K. Ito, "An extension of the Maskit slice for $4$-dimensional Kleinian groups", Conform. Geom. Dyn. 12 (2008), 199-226.
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Nov 19, 2005 Y. Araki: Materializing 3D Quasi-Fuchsian Fractals, at Workshop on Computer Graphics and Ubiquitous Computing (Ochanomizu University, JP)

Dec 9, 2004 Y. Araki and K. Ito: 3-dimensional analogue of Maskit slice for once-punctured torus, Riemann surfaces and theory of discontinuous groups 2004 (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP)

Nov, 2003 Y. Araki and K. Ito: 3-dimensional analogue of Maskit slice for once-punctured torus, Topology & Computer 2003 (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP)

Aug 5, 2003 Lecture at Basics and Perspetives of Mathematics, Hiroshima University Open Public Lecture (Hiroshima University, JP )

Aug 3, 2003 Poster Presentation at SPACES OF KLEINAN GROUPS AND HYPERBOLIC 3-MANIFOLDS (Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK )

Jul 11, 2003 Talk at Computer Graphics International 2003 (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP)

Jun 24, 2003 Talk at Topology and Computer, Topology Seminor (University of Tokyo, JP)

Jan 17, 2003 Talk at Aspects of Mathematics on Fractals (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Kyoto University, JP)

Dec 12, 2002 Gallery at fractal3D joins Mathematics Museum hosted by Ibaraki University, JP

Nov 30, 2002 Talk at Topology and Computer (Nara Women's University)

Dec 6, 2002 Talk at Perspectives of Hyperbolic Spaces (Kyoto University, JP)

Nov 24, 2002 fractal3D is on sale at an online store TORITO (Japanese only)

Nov 20, 2002 fractal3D is announced in the talk entitled "Hexahedra with spherical faces" at TIT topology seminar (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP)

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